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Project Market


Third-Party Business Services - Portal Sites and Service Provision
Intelligent Optical Inspection Machine
E-Smart Furniture
Mobile Phone Chain
Biodegradable Material
Industrial Gps Ec100
Lightning Protection Equipment for New Energy Industry
Maxnet Blood Automatic Identification System
Life Early Warning, Care, Assistance System
Intsend and Ajita Clean Server Stores
Airport Full-Color Window LCD Screen
Xiaopi Granules, a new Chinese Medicine used to prevent precancerous lesions of breast cancer and treat various types of breast hyperplasia
Structured Database Auditing Software
Optimization Production Scheduling Software for Discrete Manufacturing
Information Recovery Platform
Network Video Interactive Platform
High-Performance Oil Additives and Lubricants for Automobile
Systems of Global Chinese Media Information and Business Information Strategy
Low-Voltage Power Line Carrier Reading System
Telepoch Mobile Communication Technology
30-Thousand-Ton White Papaya Fermented Healthcare Wine Project
Frequency Scanning Optical Coherence Tomography Device
"Happy Station" Community Happy Life Service System
Time-Life Network
RFID Packaging Equipment
Bata Video Entertainment Platform
TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System)
LED Lighting Energy Saving Project


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