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Companies and Organizations at the Platform


Venture Capital service organizations (listed in no particular order):

1、Shenzhen Stock Exchange Marketing Department

2、Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited

3、GF Securities Co., Ltd

4、Shenzhen International Hi-Tech Property Right Exchange Co., Ltd.

5、Shenzhen High Tech Investment & Guaranty Co., Ltd

6、Orienwise Shenzhen Limited

7、Shenzhen Capital Group Co., Ltd

8、Shenzhen Shengtian Investment Management Co., Ltd.

9、Hong Kong Hualing Venture Capital Co., Ltd.

10、Shenzhen Xinda Investment Consulting Co., Ltd.

11、Shenzhen Han Century Venture Invesmtent
Management Co., Ltd.

12、ShenZhen Leaguer Investment Consulting Co., Ltd.

13、American Appraisal Co., Ltd.

14、Shenzhen Dingzheng Investment Consulting Co., Ltd.

15、International Financial Union Holding Co., Ltd.

16、Shenzhen Huize Venture Capital Co., Ltd.

17、Shenzhen Efung Venture Capital Co., Ltd.

18、Shenzhen Willcapital Evergreen Investment Co., Ltd.

19、Nanhai Runbon Investment Co., Ltd.

20、Shenzhen Business Association

21、Shenzhen Guanya HuaYatong Investment Co., Ltd.

22、HUYA Bioscience International Co., Ltd.

23、Shenzhen Venture Capital Association

24、Shenzhen GTJA Investment Group Co., Ltd.

25、Green Pine Capital Partners Co., Ltd.

26、Shenzhen Guocheng Century Venture Capital Co., Ltd.

27、IDG Technology Venture Investment

28、Bluestone Investment Co., Ltd.

29、Guotai Junan Securities Co., Ltd.

30、Guoxin Securities Co., Ltd.

31、iTech Holdings Limited

32、Han's Laser Technology Co., Ltd.

33、China Science & Merchants Venture Capital Management Co.Ltd.

34、Shenzhen Weide Investment Co., Ltd.

35、Shenzhen Zhongge Investment Co., Ltd.

36、Yuanheng Investment Ltd.

37、Shenzhen Future Investment Co., Ltd.

38、Shenzhen Credit Association

39、Shenzhen Enterprise Credit Information Center

40、Pengyuan Credit Service Co., Ltd.

41、China Construction Bank Shenzhen Branch Corporate Banking Department

42、China Merchants Bank Shenzhen High-tech Park Branch

43、Bank of China Shenzhen Branch Corporate Banking Department

44、Guangdong JunYan Law Firm

45、China Commercial Law Firm

46、Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

47、Guanghe Law Firm


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