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Introduction of Platform


Shenzhen Venture Capital Services Platform (SZ VCP) of High-Tech Industrial Park (SHIP) was established on 13th, October 2007.

Shenzhen is one of the regions where small and medium-size technology enterprises grow fastest as well as the venture capitals develop most actively in China. As a national level hi-tech Industrial Park, SHIP has attracted numerous outstanding hi-tech SMEs with tremendous innovative spirit and capabilities, of whom the capital supports are greatly needed.

SHIP further developed supporting systems for start-up businesses and founded VCP in Hi-tech park aiming to implement government¨s strategy on building Shenzhen as a national city of innovation and developing independent innovation, and also achieving the objective of constructing SHIP as a world-class science park.

Having attracted professional VC fund, Government technology supporting fund, investment banking department of securities, non-IPO business sections and the intermediate agencies including intellectual property exchange, assessment, accountancy, law firm, credit and patent, VCP is dedicated to provide comprehensive capital services for hi-tech SMEs at different development stage as well as those start-up businesses.

The establishment of VCP will promote the expanding and development of modern service business including finance, accountancy, law and information services in hi-tech industry field. Most importantly, it will provide magnificent services and supports to innovative hi-tech SMEs.


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