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Seminar of the Institutions in the VC Platform


The Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Committee was just established. In order to strengthen the communication and exchange between the VC Platform and the institutions in it and listen to the opinions and suggestions of the institutions proposed for the related work of the VC Platform under this background, the VC Platform held a seminar for the institutions in it in the caf¨Ĥ on the third floor of the comprehensive service building in the afternoon of February 23. Relevant leaders of the Service Center of the SHIP and the representatives of such institutions as Shenzhen High-Tech Investment & Guarantee Co., Ltd., Dashi Venture Capital Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Sanmarino Investment Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Jicai Investment Consultation Co., Ltd., WISDOM Investment and Tmfox Strategic Solutions (Shenzhen) Management Co., Ltd. attended the seminar. Chen Qingyun, the deputy chief of administration office of the SHIP, and Chen Chunhui, the deputy director of the Promotion Department of Shenzhen Stock Exchange park, also attended the seminar.

On the seminar, Chen Qingyun delivered a speech first. He introduced the staffing, function increase and adjustments and key work of the SHIP Division of the Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Committee.

Chen Chunhui made an introduction to the preparations of the New Third Board Market and high-yield bonds and gave detailed answers to the questions of the institution representatives.

In combination with the characteristics and demands of their own institutions, the institution representatives actively proposed advice and suggestions for the work of the VC Platform. In the end, related leaders of the VC Platform introduced the general information of the Service Center of the SHIP and gave some ideas for the work of the VC platform.

This seminar strengthened the contact between the VC Platform and the institutions in it and realized good communication between them.


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