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¡°Exchange Reception of VC Platform¡± ended successfully


In the afternoon of December 8, the 2011 ¡°Exchange Reception of VC Platform¡± sponsored by the Service Center of Shenzhen High-Tech Industrial Park (SHIP), organized by the SHIP Venture Capital Service Platform (VC Platform for short) and co-organized by Tmfox Strategic Solutions (Shenzhen) Management Co., Ltd. was held in the multifunctional hall on the third floor of the President Club of the SHIP.
Leaders including Qiu Xuan, the vice chairman of the Science Industry, Trade and Information Technology Commission of Shenzhen Municipality and concurrently the vice chairman of the Management Committee of the SHIP, Tu Huan, the chief of the Science and Technology Innovation Supporting Department, Pan Weiqi, the chief of the Science and Technology Development Department, Wu Yuanchao, the chief of the High Technology Industrialization Department, Sha Xinhua, the chief of the SHIP Department, and Guo Shangming, the deputy chief of the Scientific and Technological Achievements Department attended on the exchange reception. Qiu Xuan addressed the exchange reception, and the chiefs and the deputy chief mentioned above introduced the job responsibilities of their own departments and the services and supports that can be provided by their own departments for enterprises to the enterprises attending the exchange reception. The head of the Service Center of the SHIP delivered a speech on the exchange reception on behalf of the sponsor, mainly introducing the relevant work of the Service Center of the SHIP and the VC Platform. In addition, 30 institution representatives of the VC Platform and 98 entrepreneurs from the Club of Innovations & Capitals also attended the exchange reception.

The sustainable development of the VC Platform is based on the great support of the institutions in the VC Platform. Relying on the market mechanism and making use of their own development advantages, the institutions have reached characterized and remarkable achievements in their own fields. To thank for the long-term care and support of the institutions for the VC Platform, ten awards designed by the VC Platform were granted on the exchange reception.

¡°Top Leader¡± Award, award winner: Shenzhen Capital Group Co., Ltd.

¡°Help Offerer¡± Award, award winner: Shenzhen High-Tech Investment & Guarantee Co., Ltd.

¡°Sincere Cooperation¡± Award, award winner: Customer Service Department of Guotai Junan Securities

¡°Great Helper¡± Award, award winner: Shenzhen United Property and Share Rights Exchange

¡°Moistener¡± Award, award winner: Tmfox Strategic Solutions (Shenzhen) Management Co., Ltd.

¡°Unique Creating¡± Award, award winner: www.352.cn

¡°Stable Development¡± Award, award winner: Dashi Venture Capital Co., Ltd.

¡°Home & Country Protecting¡± Award, award winner: Shenzhen Yuan Heng Venture Capital Company (Limited Partnership)

¡°Perfect Pursuing¡± Award, award winner: SBCVC

¡°Great Adaptability¡± Award, award winner: Shenzhen Hiyou Capital Management Co., Ltd.

In the last decade, such domestic famous brands as ZTE, Mindray and Tencent were established in the SHIP. These brands are stars on the capital market. They have changed our lives through their products and services and become new models of independent innovation in the SHIP. The Club of Innovations & Capitals of the VC Platform has been taking ¡°Creating stars for the future capital market¡± as its own responsibility. On the exchange reception, it commended some enterprises in the Club of Innovations & Capitals that show development potential and granted an ¡°Excellent Project¡± award for five enterprises including Shenzhen HYK GENE Technology Co., Ltd., NPE Intelligent Co., Ltd., Broadwell (Shenzhen) Technology Co,. Ltd, Inc., Shenzhen Tena Electronic Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Qingquan Water Industry Co., Ltd.

On the exchange reception, the ten award-winning institutions introduced their own institutions and services to the entrepreneurs attending the exchange reception. In addition, some entrepreneur representatives also shared their successful financing experience on the exchange reception. The investment institution representatives of the VC Platform and the enterprises attending the exchange reception exchanged freely. On the exchange reception, 32 candidate excellent projects of the GEM (Growth Enterprise Market) and the NTM (New Third Board Market) were exhibited. The leaders attending the exchange reception watched the exhibition boards and exchanged with the entrepreneurs.

The 2011 ¡°Exchange Reception of VC Platform¡± ended successfully in warm exchange.


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