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Remission the Financing Problems by Combing Technology and Financing; Discussions on Building First-class Hi-tech Park by Representatives At home and Abroad 


¡¾Reported by Shenzhen Special Zone Daily¡¿(Reporter: Tian Ran)On November 17th,2011, the international meeting on building a first-class hi-tech park was co-sponsored by the Torch Center of Science and Technology Ministry and the Administration Office of SHIP. Cao Jianlin, the Vice Minister of Science and Technology Ministry gave an address on paper and Xiu Xiaoping, the Deputy Director of the Torch Center, Science and Technology Ministry attended the meeting; more than 200 representatives took part in the meeting, including those from the national hi-tech zone at home such as the hi-tech zone in Shenzhen, Zhongguancun, Chengdu and other 20 regions and those from the investment institutions abroad like in France, Spain, Israel, Hong Kong and so on.

In his speech on paper Mr. Cao pointed out that in recent years, the innovation system of science and technology of the national hi-tech zone continues to be improved and with the diversification of technology investment and financing channels, an investment and financing system of science and technology has gradually formed, which is diversified, multi-level and multi-channel and has effectively mitigated the financing problems of SMEs to a certain extent and became a pioneer in the practice of combining technology and finance.

Xiu said, by the end of 2010, the total guiding funds invested for technological SMEs was 1.159 billion Yuan, among which there is 0.65 billion invested through buying shares by steps; it had been the shareholder of 26 newly-founded key investment enterprises and participated in the VC investment of SMEs with a total registered capital of 4.179 billion. The implementation of guiding funds has not only attracted more social funds into the VC field, but also encourages the VC investment institutions to focus on the start-ups of the high-tech SMEs as well as promoting the effective matching between governmental innovative funds and market capital. She said that according to an investigation, there are 15,640 high-tech SMEs that have reached the standard of listing companies, which are excellent resources for the GEM board and can strongly support the development of it.

The relevant officials of SHIP said SHIP has sent application for being one of the trial cities of combining technology and financing and is expected to be approved; the movement is organized by Science and Technology Ministry, the People¡¯s Bank of China, China securities Regulatory Commission, China Banking Regulatory Commission and China Insurance Regulatory Commission. SHIP will take advantage of this opportunity, establishing an effective matching mechanism for technology and financing as well as a risk-sharing mechanism and trying to finance in a diversified model and multi-channels so as to promote the rapid development of a number of high-tech enterprises.
In the meeting, Yang Jianhua, the Deputy Director of the Administration Office of Zhongguancun Science and Technology Zone talked about the issue of new third board cared by many investors. ¡°From January 2006, the new third board is tried out in Zhongguancun; there are 148 organizations participating in the pilot, and 99 companies have been listed and 100 others will be listed. At present, under the leadership of CSRC, we are applying to the State Council for the debut of the new third board as soon as possible. ¡±

Source: Shenzhen Special Zone Daily


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