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For the Total VC in China£¬Shenzhen Accounting For One Third


¡¾Reported by Shenzhen Commerce Daily¡¿(Reporter: Liu Jinyu) It was informed from the international forum of "Building a World-class High-tech Park" that the SME and GEM board markets are the initial choices for the small and medium technological enterprises in Shenzhen and even all over the country to be listed and get financing.
It¡¯s pointed out in the speech on paper of Cao Jianlin, the Vice Minister of Science and Technology Ministry that in recent years, the innovation system of science and technology of national high-tech zone continues to be improved and with the diversification of technology investment and financing channels, an investment and financing system of science and technology has gradually formed with diversification, multi-level and multi-channel as its features, which has effectively mitigated the financing problems of SMEs to a certain extent and became a pioneer in the practice of combining technology and finance.

According to the introduction of Xiu Xiaoping, the Deputy Director of the Torch Center, Science and Technology Ministry, the total venture capital in China is over 100.5 billion and the cumulative invested projects are 6,796; 57% of the VC is invested to high-tech enterprise and the hi-tech projects invested account for 56%. By the end of 2010, among the listing companies of SMEs board, high-tech enterprises account for more than 75%;on average, the expenses on research and development of every company has increased almost 50% after being listed; high-tech enterprises are the pillar of the listed companies, and become an important force supporting the capital market.

According to the statistics of China Securities Regulatory Commission by the end of August, 239 of the 258 companies listed on the GEM board are high-tech enterprises, accounting for 92.63%;while the promoting effect of GEM board on the strategic industries is gradually playing. Most of the 258 companies listed on the GEM board are in the field of advanced manufacture, electronic information, biomedicine, new materials, new energy, energy saving and environmental protection, culture and education and media and so on.
In Shenzhen, financial services penetrate the whole process of science-technology innovation chain. In recent years Shenzhen has introduced a series of policies and regulations, which ensure the full play of the comparative superiority of science and technology resources and financial resources. Shenzhen is also actively exploring the market-oriented combination of finance and technology.
It is reported that in the early 90¡¯s of the 20th century, Shenzhen has set up Shenzhen Capital Group Co.Ltd., which indirectly participated in the investment market by the state capital, guiding and driving the development of risk investment industry. The present management funds of innovative investment has reached to as much as 10 billion Yuan, while the investment projects and listing companies are 400 and 80 respectively, which ranks first in this industry for three consecutive years. The number of VC investment institutions and the amount of management funds has accounted for roughly one-third of the country; 4 of the national top ten VC investment institutions are from Shenzhen and among the 265 listing companies in Shenzhen, 40% of them are supported by the VC and PE.

¡¡¡¡As to the point of key market elements distribution, in 2007 Shenzhen SHIP Investment Platform was set up, which had gathered 80 venture capital institutions and successfully financed for 126 companies in the stock with a financed capital of more than 30 billion; in 2009 Shenzhen United Assets and Equity Exchange was formed and the Technology Equity Exchange was also set up in this year, actively exploring the first regional private counters trading market national wide.

Source: Shenzhen Commerce Daily


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