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¡°Project Seminar¡± is held at the cafe on the third floor in the VC Platform at 2:30 pm every Thursday.

This is a platform for entrepreneurs and investors to communicate and display projects. Companies at different growing stages can submit their needs for initial financing, secondary financing, government funds, guarantees, restructuring, equity transfer, assistance on "new three panels" and on being listed. They can recommend themselves to the investors, demonstrate their projects, and the investors with professional vision can search for the "gold mine";

This is a platform for investors in financial services to exchange ideas, and also a platform where industry information and thoughts meet together. Upstream and downstream cooperation can be formed inter-agencies naturally, new cooperation mechanisms are generated, and aggregation effects become more apparent.

¡°Project Seminar¡± has become a platform for investors and entrepreneurs to exchange ideas and cooperate on projects. It is developing a unique venture capital culture with Shenzhen local characteristic.


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