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Club of Innovations & Capitals is a free coaching service matrix focused on financing and innovation, tailored for small and medium-sized high-tech companies by SHIP Venture Capital Services Platform and Tmfox Strategic Solutions, a famous international venture capital institution. It is committed to improving the financing skills of small and medium-sized high-tech companies, improving their efficiency and effectiveness of technological innovation, and introducing quality investment projects to the VC Platform step by step.

This is a camp for business competition. The sensitivity of capital on technological innovation, screening of innovation on the market and customer demand, effective communication between VCs and entrepreneurs through mentoring, training, interactions and transmission of information, are integrated into this unique service matrix. Whether you're a fledgling entrepreneur or an entrepreneur on the way, the Club of Innovations & Capitals is of great help for your successful financing and innovation.

Brief Introduction

SME Innovation Training


The training follows the ways that venture capital firms in Silicon Valley coach the company on innovation, by the use of quantitative, financial and market methods, finds innovative value increment and quantitative skills, thereby increasing the efficiency of business innovation and the rate of success. The training is only for innovation of products and business model.

Financing Skills and Financial Planning


The biggest barrier in the communication between entrepreneurs and investors is not a business plan, but the business logic that entrepreneur uses to plan the future. The training imitates the real circumstance to tell entrepreneurs the logic and points that investors use to assess a project. Through training, you can raise fund and efficiency of financing by the thinking of an investor.

Subject Brainstorming


In this service, business environment and customer¡¯s question are set in advance and you will experience the strength when innovation combines with capital by completing a specific mission.

Global Connection Workshops


This is an online platform, where global innovation experts, industry experts, experienced investors will communicate with you on current topics.

Style Test and Archives of Entrepreneurs


Nobody was born to be an entrepreneur. Through this test, you will know as an entrepreneur what you have and what not, and how your management team works, and so on.  You are expected to take the test every two months, and improve yourself in accordance with its recommendations.


Shenzhen high-tech SMEs, who have the financing and innovation needs, and have registered at the Platform, can have free access to the services of all modules. Please refer to the Contact to know how to register at the Platform.


All services are implemented based on a monthly plan. After your registration, customer service staff of the VC Platform will contact you, and work with you to fix the manner and timing of the services provided.

Registration and Contact
Please click the above ¡°Registration¡± to sign up.
Tel: 26551508 86366421-801.


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